Entegra Systems



Entegra is on the leading edge of technological transformation and analytical methodology — creating and operating the systems and analyzing the data that provide critical intelligence for national security.

To that end, Entegra conceives and creates systems that advance the capabilities of vital intelligence missions. Our expertise and proficiencies span every phase of system development and deployment, starting with an unfettered solutions analysis that explores not just the immediate task, but bigger-picture integration and solution potential — and then proceeds through design, build, integration, installation, test, and operation phases in live mission environments.

Entegra also brings deep analytic capability and processes to support intelligence agencies dealing with complex interconnected threats and challenges. Our analysts are experts in a host of critical disciplines, including targeting methodologies, tactical and strategic guidance, counterterrorism, counter proliferation, and targeting and geolocation analysis. Entegra analysts play key roles in pursuing our nation’s most important targets.


The work is challenging. The team is top-notch. The benefits are almost too good to be true. Check out Entegra's current openings for a position that matches your skill set and ambition.

What Our Clients Say

“Entegra employees are passionate about technology, dependable and hard-working, have high standards and a great work ethic.”