Entegra Systems



Entegra places high value on critical thinking — creating robust solutions to the tactical problems at hand, while also maintaining focus on opportunities for greater strategic value.

Our solution-centered approach is more and more in demand because of its inherent emphasis on value and longevity.  From architecture to operations, from engineering to development, from analysis to targeting, Entegra focuses innovative perspectives and top-notch talent on our nation’s most pressing security and intelligence priorities.


The work is challenging. The team is top-notch. The benefits are almost too good to be true. Check out Entegra's current openings for a position that matches your skill set and ambition.

What Our Clients Say

“Entegra has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our customer’s operations. The project has become so well-liked by the users that 77% of customers used it last month, up from 10% when they started a year ago during  the company’s infancy.”