Entegra Systems



Intelligence Analysis and Targeting

Entegra’s support of national intelligence missions runs the gamut from backend to operations. We build the tools, we use the tools, we train the tools.

Entegra provides SIGINT, HUMINT, GEOINT, and ALL-SOURCE intelligence analysis, targeting, and operational support, including:

  • Targeting & operationalizing intelligence
  • Analytic tradecraft improvement
  • Social network analysis
  • Language analysis
  • Geo-location analysis
  • Tradecraft training
  • Collection support


The work is challenging. The team is top-notch. The benefits are almost too good to be true. Check out Entegra's current openings for a position that matches your skill set and ambition.

What Our Clients Say

“Entegra has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our customer’s operations. The project has become so well-liked by the users that 77% of customers used it last month, up from 10% when they started a year ago during  the company’s infancy.”